Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Questions about Fiberight must be submitted by 5pm May 13

The MRC is holding a town meeting in Hampden on May 19th for Q&A  on technical questions of Fiberight proposal.  The catch is questions must be submitted by May 13th, today, to Greg Lounder  of the MRC, by 5 pm, this evening.   If you would like to send any technical questions, email to:   (Greg Lounder, MRC Executive Director) 

If you go to: 
there are links to a University of Maine study of the proposed facility to be developed by Fiberight.   From the MRC home page,  look for 
Our Proposed Hampden Facility           then:   click here to find additional information  

Then click on: Technology Review Fiberight Process for MRC   and    Appendix  (which has a useful technical evaluation of the project)

If you don't have time to write any questions, there's still an opportunity to hear Fiberight try to answer those questions on Tuesday, May 19th at 7 pm at the  Community Room at the Hampden Town Hall.